The Epson Endeavor in the news

Posted on Jul 10, 2008 in Media

With the Epson Endeavor, I led the creation of a slim and light notebook that the US media seems to love, except maybe for the fact that the product is only available In Japan.

Akihabara thinks the notebook is a miracle:

Are you looking for a light and powerful notebook? Here’s the latest wonder from Epson, the Endeavor NA801.

In his brief report Technology Tell‘s Kian Henry focuses on the great performance-to-weight ratio and wished that he could buy one stateside…

Its also nice to see that power doesn’t have to weigh a ton, the NA801 weighs in at just over 4-pounds.
The Japanese Epson website confirms that the NA801 will retail for around $1000 when it is released, sadly this will be available only in Japan.

Asus T2 wins the Japanese G-Mark

Posted on Nov 30, 2003 in Awards, Industrial Design

The Asus T2 also wins the coveted Japanese G-Mark… I am very proud!


Posted on Oct 2, 2003 in Research, Trade Shows, Trends

Since I have been in Japan for a trend analysis at Tokyo Motor Show and since this marks the first time that I am in the land of the rising sun, I am using the opportunity and take a few days off, to explore Tokyo a bit and travel to Kyoto with stopovers in Nagoya and Osaka… I am very impressed with pretty much everything that I am seeing and am enjoying my conversations with some German friends here (it’s great fun to compare notes on our Asian adventures), as well as with a few new Japanese friends that I have made!

Tokyo Motor Show

Posted on Sep 19, 2003 in Industrial Design, Research, Trade Shows, Trends

I visited the Tokyo Motor Show, and did trend research for Asus around new materials, technologies and mechanisms used in the car industry there. Afterwards, I added a few days of vacation to explore Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto and met with some German designer friends that work in Japan…