In the Studio at Carbon

Posted on Feb 8, 2008 in Career

A few brief impressions from the office…

In the City of Lights

Posted on Jan 13, 2008 in Research, Trade Shows, Trends

Living in Asia for some seven years, I thought I had seen it all when it comes to the excessive use of light bulbs and neon tubes in the streets… little did I know that my memories of Tokyo’s Shibuya district now feel like ‘underexposed images’ when I compare them to my impressions of ‘The Strip’ in Las Vegas.

Visiting the Consumer Electronics Show there, I have not yet decided whether I should be fascinated or disgusted by the city’s artificiality, chintzy glamour and affluence of materiality. While Vegas offers an intriguing mixture of entertainment, gambling and great food, it certainly seems that all good taste is doomed to remain outside the city limits…

Hello Seattle, hello Carbon Design!

Posted on Jan 4, 2008 in Career

I have arrived in Seattle!

I didn’t have the chance to see much or to say ‘hello’ to my new environment in any way, but am happy and excited that I have finally turned the page to this new chapter of my life after planning it for about one year now… it feels great!

While I officially will be starting next week, I wanted to say hi to my new colleagues at Carbon Design because I will be flying out to visit CES in Las Vegas on Monday. So I went to the office today: It’s located in Bothell, north of Lake Washington in a building that formerly served as a bank – our meeting room is inside the safe and I was told, that we’d be locked in there for meetings until all meeting goals are achieved…

Well… the atmosphere on my first day was relaxed and I received a very friendly and warm welcome – feels good to have a job again after my two month break and I cannot wait to get my hands on some new projects!