Panasonic Avionics FlightPath wins the Silver German Design Award

Posted on Sep 26, 2011 in Awards, Interaction Design

I have been part of the team that won the Silver German Design Award for a collaboration between Carbon Design, Artefact and Panasonic… very proud of the FlightPath project – and it was a fun one, too!

On top of it all, I was the lucky one to travel to my hometown Frankfurt and pick up the trophy…

Web Chatter: Panasonic Avionics neXperience

Posted on Nov 12, 2010 in Media

After being renamed Panasonic Avionics neXperience, the project formerly known as Flightpath has both won the IDEA Award as well as garnered some attention around the web. Below are a few excerpts:

We are always striving to enhance the onboard experience in creative new ways. FlightPath elevates the passenger dining experience while enhancing revenue opportunities and improving workflow for the cabin crew.

Paul Margis, CEO at Panasonic Avionics Corporation

On first blush, the new FlightPath application for Panasonic Avionics’ in-flight entertainment systems looks simply like a cool flash interface. But look a little deeper and you’ll see that it is an entirely different approach to the whole passenger experience.

Mary Kirby,

If you are a frequent traveller, then you are going to love this idea.

Aron Bryant, Helablog

Panasonic Avionics FlightPath wins IDEA Bronze Award

Posted on Jul 28, 2010 in Awards, Interaction Design

The design study around Panasonic’s FlightPath inflight entertainment experience has won the 2010 IDEA Bronze Award!

Braun Prize Exhibition in London

Posted on Jul 25, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The Braun Prize Exhibition concludes at the Royal College of Art in London.

Braun Prize Exhibition in Budapest

Posted on Feb 12, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The design study “Sports Plane” arrives with the Braun Prize Exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts.

Design Magazine

Posted on Jan 10, 2002 in Industrial Design, Media

The Taiwan “Design” magazine has published an article around the 2001 Braun Prize.

Design – Winners Of The Braun Prize 2001 Announced

Möbel Interior Design

Posted on Dec 20, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The Article “Braunpreis 2001” is published in the German Möbel Interior Design magazine.

MD – Braunpreis 2001

Braun Prize Exhibition at Frankfurt MAK

Posted on Nov 25, 2001 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design, Media

The Braun Prize Exhibition arrives at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.

Großes Finale

Posted on Nov 19, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The article “Großes Finale” in the Design Report magazine talks about the 2001 Braun Prize Finals in Kronberg.

Design Report – Großes Finale

Am Rande der Realität

Posted on Nov 18, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The article “Am Rande der Realität” is published in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, informing about the results of the 2001 Braun Prize.

FAZ – Am Rande der Realität