December 2009

Extending the entertainment experience beyond „in-flight“

Being very expensive systems, it feels that in-flight entertainment technology lags years behind of what customers have come to expect of consumer electronics. Panasonic Avionics’ Chris Lundquist and Steve Sizelove looked for help in defining a vision for an entertainment experience that their company could provide in a few years from now.
Said experience currently begins 30 minutes after take-off and ends 30 minutes before landing; together with Martijn van Tilburg I led a team of designers that worked on extending Panasonic’s offering beyond „in-flight“, and also beyond „entertainment“.

The passenger taking control over their trip

Panasonic FlightPath is a conceptual interactive platform designed to engage airline passengers and to enhance the onboard experience. Beginning with an app that is accessible before the flight, a literal flightpath describes the journey at all times, setting expectations and guiding the traveler through commute, and check-in prior to departure. In the air, FlightPath offers information on city of departure, destination and sights between the two places, and it also helps with orientation after arrival.

Connected in the air

Panasonic FlightPath is a connected experience that allows passengers to plan their trip on the plane, for example by booking transportation, accommodation, and entertainment events while being 30,000 feet above the ground.

FlightPath has won the Silver German Design Award and the IDSA’s Bronze IDEA Award.
Read more about the project on Artefact’s website.