December 2015

Making Cinematic Virtual Reality a Reality

In 2014, Lytro partnered with Artefact to design the second generation of their consumer Light Field camera, the award-winning Lytro Illum.

Building on Illum’s momentum, earlier in 2015 Lytro announced their exciting expansion into virtual reality. At the core of this strategy is Lytro Immerge, the world’s first professional Light Field solution, designed to help professional storytellers embrace immersive storytelling with live-action virtual reality. For the first time, viewers will experience “six degrees of freedom,” or the ability to move freely within a scene – something that up until now has only been possible inside computer-generated experiences.

To bring that vision to reality, Lytro approached Artefact to help shape the design of Lytro Immerge and I led the team that worked with Lytro’s engineering team to create a concept that exudes power, precision, and quality.

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