April 2016

Powering Creative Freedom and Flexibility

For a cinematographer and director, capturing the right take – lighting, focus, depth of field – is key to artistic expression. Cutting edge visual effects and the need to shoot content in multiple formats further add to the complexity and cost of creating amazing content.

Artefact’s long term partner Lytro, the pioneer in light field technology, announced earlier last month Lytro Cinema, the world’s first Light Field solution for film and television. The breakthrough capture system enables the complete virtualization of the live action camera — transforming creative camera controls from fixed on set decisions to computational post-production processes — and allows for historically impossible shots.

“We are making the impossible possible,” said Lytro’s CEO, Jason Rosenthal, in an interview. These are the design challenges we love!

An engineering feat with unique design challenges

Lytro Cinema is an engineering feat that demanded solving first-of-their-kind design challenges. Providing creative direction to Artefact’s design team around Ben Collette, Antoine Beynel, and Shaun Choi, we focused (pun intended) on balancing technical complexity and usability, while creating elegance and simplicity in massive equipment, and reconciling new features and capabilities with existing tools and workflow. Following our successful collaboration on Lytro ILLUM and Lytro Immerge, we were eager to take on the challenge and continue to be a part of the creative revolution Lytro has started. Together with Lytro, we set out to help design a prototype to inspire.

“For us, good industrial design is not the plan or the outcome, it’s the process of making a great product. That’s why we have been partnering with Artefact – to help us think through our design language across products, while we continue to invent, iterate and improve on the underlying technologies.”
– Ariel Braunstein, Chief Product Officer, Lytro

Quality, precision, flexibility – at scale

Featuring the highest resolution video sensor ever designed, and a unique cooling system, Lytro Cinema is a high quality piece of equipment and an embodiment of technical accomplishment. Its design had to communicate excellence while providing the crew with the tools they need to take advantage of its versatility. We used a pragmatic approach, driven by technical considerations and the need to support standard equipment. The end result is a solution that is striking and unique, and that conveys an overall sense of quality and precision.

For more information, visit the Artefact website.

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