December 2013

Transitions seamlessly from tablet to notebook experience, without sacrificing either!

While some claim the beginning of the “Post-PC Era”, the PC is in the middle of reinventing itself: Windows 8 crosses the boundaries from traditional desktop computing to mobile touch user experience and the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor supports both the high performance requirements of traditional desktop programs and the low power and weight requirements of mobile touch applications.

Together with Intel’s Tim Hulford and Jim Okuley and with Artefact’s Ben Colette and Fernd van Engelen, I defined a reference design that would make use of said hardware and software to deliver an uncompromising tablet and laptop experience in one single device.

Intel North Cape is a reference design that represents a point of view on how to get detachable tablets right: The product devises the most intuitive way to detach and attach the tablet part, and its Smart Frame bezel is designed to be ergonomic when handheld as a tablet, while providing the largest possible screen real estate when used as a notebook in one’s lap.

Detaching the tablet from the keyboard has never been easier

Intel’s processor and Microsoft’s operating system switch between desktop and touch mode with absolute ease. Using an electrical detachment mechanism, the screen can be removed and attached with one hand by pressing a button on the screen’s top edge.

Smart Frame – a screen bezel only when you want one

The product also features a “virtual bezel” that uses a maximum of the screen real estate when in notebook mode, but deactivates the touch sensitivity around the screen’s perimeter to make for a better use experience when in tablet mode.
Dubbed “Smart Frame” North Cape decreases the viewable area of its 13.3 inch display to 11.6 inches on the fly when detached, thus offering the user a bezel to hold their tablet without inadvertently interacting with the screen.

Interested in learning more? Visit the project page at or check out what the press says about the product.

Photo credit: Doug Evans