July 2008

How to compete with a global market leader in a local market

Asus’s OEM design team helped Epson to create a direct competitor for the MacBook in the Japanese market. The result of this effort is the Epson Endeavor NA801 – a 13” notebook platform characterized both by its high performance and slim form factor.

Better than the best

Even though the Asus product development team managed to incorporate a faster Intel Penryn processor and a dedicated nVidia GeForce graphics card, the Endeavor’s magnesium design is slimmer and lighter than the plastic MacBook. Where Apple’s 2008 MacBook measures 2.35kg and 27.5mm, the Endeavor weighs a mere 1.91kg and stands just 25.5mm tall,

Target market oriented industrial design

Leading Jasper Huang in the design process, we created a notebook with a distinctive two-tone color scheme and durable finish that sets it apart from its competitor. Desirable features like the high quality audio system and fingerprint sensor are highlighted visually to underline their value for the user.

Check out what the media thinks about the product.

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