January 2011

Disrupting a product category predominated by incremental improvements

Camera Futura is a concept platform for aspiring photographers that wants to excite, inspire and to provoke both potential users, as well as the rather stagnant photography industry. The concept is equally rooted in hardware and software.

Influencing industry and consumers

Heading up an internal team at Artefact comprised of Olen Ronning, Kateryna Sitner, Katrina Mendoza, Fernd van Engelen, and Rob Girling, I led the development of an exciting concept for the future of digital photography that stirred up the industry and inspired millions of people through the videos posted on Vimeo and YouTube. Hundreds of articles were written about Camera Futura – please find some excerpts here.

An improved hardware architecture

Throughout the history of consumer cameras, there have been different phases of innovation. The advent of digital technology didn’t bring the disruption to the field that it allowed for. Camera Futura truly makes use of digital technology and features the patent-pending innovative WVIL (wireless viewfinder interchangeable lens) product architecture that combines the lens with a full frame CMOS sensor into one packaged unit, that can be controlled wirelessly from the camera body.

A connected software platform that helps photographers to capture better pictures

Apart from the new hardware architecture, the camera was also envisioned to being built around a software platform for on-the-fly image manipulation. The product is connected to the internet for easy sharing of content and collaborating: it enables photographers to not only share images, but also their knowledge through tips, tutorials and „packaged“ camera settings.

Camera Futura has won I.D.’s Best of Show Award 2012 and the 2011 Spark! Concept Design Award.
For more information on WVIL please visit artefactgroup.com

Photo credit: Doug Evans