March 2003

How do you follow up to a top seller?

My first project at Asus, HW Wei, Debbie Huang and I were tasked with the design of the second generation of Asus’s hugely successful T1 personal computer.

Form and function

Representing the value-line of Asus’s desktop PC’s, the T2 was a big leap forward, improving the product’s user-friendliness through a small display and media-keys that facilitated media consumption and a front-facing I/O panel that made connectivity and expandability a lot easier.

While its complete set of features turned the T2 into a very versatile and powerful allround machine, we created an aesthetically pleasing enclosure that would seamlessly blend into the busy lives of our customers, without demanding too much attention.

The continuation of a success story

In production for over three years, the T2 doubled its precursor’s sales numbers, and sold nearly 2 million units between March 2003 and August 2006. The product won the Japanese G-Mark, the Taiwan Good Design Award, and the Taiwan Excellence Award.

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