July 2006

Oftentimes, it’s the little things that matter

Selecting a topic for an Asus Design Lab study, Paxton Chou, Andres Oyaga-LoewyTom Risser and I chose a rather unassuming and often neglected aspect of consumer electronics: the devices’ power supplies.

The goal: inspiring the company’s product development teams

Wanting to create a vision for these components of Asus’s product offerings, we conducted a market research of the related technologies in servers, desktop and notebook computers, monitors, television sets and mobile devices. We found that power supplies for network products, desktop computers, as well as batteries would not offer an innovation potential big enough to allow for impactful design solutions and thus narrowed our exploration down to power adapter solutions for Asus’s mobile devices.

Better power

The industrial design process was mainly concerned with improving usability and aesthetics, while at the same time considering current and new tecchnologies and taking business concerns, such as BOM costs and MSRP, into account. The program’s result are two tiers of present and future alternatives for handheld and notebook power supplies: elementary versions, targeted at immediate manufacturability and premium solutions, making less compromises and being showcases for innovation.