February 2004

Targeted innovation for kids and the elderly

Taking a leadership role as an advocate for the user, I guided the Asus KarE Phone design study that examined future possibilities of mobile communication for kids and the elderly. Goal of the exercise was not only for the prototypes to be used as “show cars” that would inspire other ongoing design developments, but also for the project’s method to inform the department’s design processes.

A structured research provides guidance

After an intensive secondary and primary research phase, Jonathan Biddle, Sandie Cheng, Andrew Chen and I cross-referenced and synthesized our findings from different sources and mapped the opportunity areas based on affinity.

We used these themes (e.g. creativity, customization, communication, accessibility) to inform our ideation process and designed three phones; one for boys that lived between the worlds of gaming and studying, a device for girls that was centered around aspects of frequent communication and security, as well as a mobile phone for the elderly that was inspired by the concepts of simplicity and ease of use.