May 2006

Bringing tactility back to multimedia experiences

Analog|Digital is a three weeks long Asus Design Lab exploration that examines natural user interfaces in the area of digital photography and music. Andres Oyaga-Loewy and Tom Risser and I transfered and applied knowledge of new technologies, metaphors and related man-machine-interactions to show new ways of coping with the trifles of digital media.

Capturing and reliving a moment, re-invented

Often we collect things to remember. We store them, keep them safe in boxes, containers, and bottles. Like so, Flask collects memories, moments, moving images, and sounds through the most simple of metaphors.
It just takes to uncap Flask for it to start recording everything 360° around. A combination of display and photo capturing elements in a thin e-paper film wrapped around the product like a label allows to both record and display moving images while the product records and plays back the sound loud enough for one or two to enjoy and reminisce.
Through simple motions like twist, open, close, and shake one can browse, play, and edit the captured moments.

Conducting the music listening experience

With the advent of digital media, listening to music has lost its tactility. Maestro is a new, intuitive music player with an analog interface that brings back some of the physical interaction with the media.
Operating the device with a baton, just like conducting a symphony orchestra, the listener can control music playback by means of simple, intuitive gestures. Microchips in the baton detect, translate and transmit the movements to the base unit that contains speakers designed to provide a rich surround sound. The base also acts as a charger for the baton while LED’s provide the user with quick and relevant feedback in the form of an animated dot pattern. Through the use of RFID technology, these “light dots” rotate around the base unit to face the user wherever they are located in the room.
Maestro combines simplicity in form and interface to provide a new and exciting music listening experience.

Asus Analog | Digital – Maestro

Asus Analog | Digital – Flask

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