Pega* Design Lab still going strong

Posted on Feb 26, 2013 in Education

About eight years ago, while still working at Asus, I conceived the idea of an International Design Internship Program where we invited two foreign and one Taiwanese student to work together on regular projects and on design studies for the duration of six months.

The goal for Asus was to teach and to learn from young designers and it led to a few interesting outcomes, like the design studies around Green Asus and Asus Power, but also some successful products on the market like the Asus TLL 37 television set.

I had planned the program, then led what I called the “Asus Design Lab” for two years, and prior to leaving the company in late 2007, I trained my successor to continue to work with young international designers at Asus/Pega.

While hardly any of the products that I designed during my time at Asus are still in production, I just found out a few days ago, that the “Asus (now: Pega) Design Lab” proved to be one of the most long-lasting impacts that I have had on the organization. On February 19, Pega Design posted the above ad on Coroflot, looking to fill positions within their International Design Internship Program for the seventh year in a row!

While the bit of the text that introduces Pega Design has obviously changed quite a bit after the company spun off from Asus, I was delighted to see that the part of the ad that described the program’s vision and plan is pretty much verbatim what I had devised eight years ago.

Needless to say that I am very proud that the program is still going strong – 加油,Pega Design!

* Pega Design is a product design consultancy and a subsidiary of Pegatron, the former contract manufacturing department of Asus Computer.

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