My Commute

Posted on Sep 3, 2003 in Career, Travel

Well, this is not a really design-related entry per se, but for the past few months I have been enjoying my bicycle commute quite a bit and thought I’d share some impressions of it here. Check out the above time-lapse video that I composed from a few dozen of shots, taken with my tiny Canon Ixus, that I had duct-taped to my bike’s handle-bar.
My commute’s a mere 5km from my home on Min Zu Road in Zhu Wei(竹圍,民族路)to the office on Li Te Road in Bei Tou(北投,立德路)but I am taking a small back road that takes me up on a hill and through Taipei’s Fine Arts University(台北藝術大學)which offers great views over the Taipei Basin…
Considering that it’s close to 30ºC at 7:30am these days, a shower is definitely necessary after arriving in the office, but the ride is a great way to start the day and helps to focus on the big picture!

So, what do you think?