Style Council

Posted on Aug 28, 2004 in Media

German magazine Plugged talks about the change that Asus has gone through over the past few years and the role that design has played in the process.

Plugged – Style Council

On Videoland TV

Posted on Aug 8, 2004 in Media

Have you ever been to Asia? And if so, did you ever watch TV there? Those noisy, neon-lit variety shows, enhanced by subtitles, picture-in-picture overlays and several other areas that are filled with brightly-colored characters…?

Well, I just happened to play a little part in one of these shows. Videoland TV – a local Taiwanese TV station dedicated a few minutes to talk about one of “my babies”: the Asus S-presso desktop computer. The product has been introduced to the market and caused quite a stir, so the product manager and I were invited to speak a little bit about the design philosophy and inspiration behind it… let’s see if you can bear the 16.7 million neon colors in the above video…

Carte Postale Du Futur

Posted on Jun 12, 2004 in Media

French magazine Stuff published my “postcard from the future”, in which I describe one of the products that my team and I envisioned in our “Asus Home” design study.

Stuff – Carte Postale Du Futur

Cheers Magazine

Posted on Apr 26, 2004 in Media

An article on “Asus Design” is published in the Taiwanese “Cheers” magazine.

Cheers – Asus Design

Chic In Taiwan

Posted on Mar 18, 2004 in Media

I am being interviewed by German magazine Focus, as they are capturing the status quo of the notebook market.

Focus – Chic In Taiwan

Asus Press Events in Germany

Posted on Feb 20, 2004 in Media, Speaking

I am on tour with Asus’s marketing team to introduce our S1 notebook series to the German press at events in Düsseldorf and München. The schedule is tight, but the trip turns out to be a lot of fun, especially since the locations are spectacular: the press conferences are held on top of the Olympiaturm and the Rheinturm.

I must say that I rather enjoy the limelight and could get used to it.

Business Next Magazine

Posted on May 12, 2003 in Media

The article “Asus: Rising From Manufacturing To Design” is published in the Taiwanese Business Next Magazine.

Asus: Rising From Manufacturing To Design

Design Magazine

Posted on Jan 10, 2002 in Industrial Design, Media

The Taiwan “Design” magazine has published an article around the 2001 Braun Prize.

Design – Winners Of The Braun Prize 2001 Announced

Möbel Interior Design

Posted on Dec 20, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The Article “Braunpreis 2001” is published in the German Möbel Interior Design magazine.

MD – Braunpreis 2001

Braun Prize Exhibition at Frankfurt MAK

Posted on Nov 25, 2001 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design, Media

The Braun Prize Exhibition arrives at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.