Design Gewinnt

Posted on Aug 12, 2006 in Media

The German computer magazine “PC Professionell” has published the article “Design Gewinnt”… feel free to download it, using the link below.

PC Professionell – Design Gewinnt

Ère Numérique

Posted on Jul 28, 2006 in Media

French magazine “Ère Numérique” published an interview with me: “Qu’en Pense… Markus Wierzoch”.

Ère Numérique – Qu’en Pense… Markus Wierzoch

On TV in Australia

Posted on May 20, 2006 in Media

Asus was recently featured on Australia’s “Business Success” TV show, with the focus of the report being on product development, and design. I was interviewed next to Asus’s chairman Jonney Shih and others… yours truly appears on the scene at about 50 seconds into the clip, and I talk about the Asus design process.

Le Figaro

Posted on Apr 30, 2006 in Media

An interview with me has been published in “Le Figaro Magazine”… I discuss the design and market positioning of our latest laptops.

Le Figaro – Questions à Markus Wierzoch

The Daily Telegraph: The Ultimate In Geek Chic

Posted on Jan 16, 2006 in Media

In a recently published article in the “The Daily Telegraph”, I talk about how Asus’s latest products fit into the our geeky future…

The Daily Telegraph: The Ultimate In Geek Chic

Corriere Della Sera

Posted on Oct 5, 2005 in Media

The article “Il Computer Della Ferrari? È Disegnato A Taipei.” has been published in “Corriere Della Sera”. It talks a bit about my work in the Asus Design Team.

Corriere Della Sera – Il Computer Della Ferrari? È Disegnato A Taipei.

Made In Taiwan

Posted on Apr 8, 2005 in Media

German magazine Article “Plugged” has published the article “Made In Taiwan”, in which they speak about the “Asus Home” design study.

Plugged – Made In Taiwan

Asus Press Event in Sydney

Posted on Mar 20, 2005 in Media, Speaking

On the second leg of global media presentations to introduce the W5 and V6 notebooks, I traveled to Sydney for an Asus press event. This one-stop tour is a little less strenuous and I had an extra day to explore the town a little bit… alright, mate.

Asus Press Events in Europe

Posted on Feb 25, 2005 in Media, Speaking

In a set of global marketing presentations to introduce the Asus W5 and V6 notebook series to the media, I am jetting through Europe to help hold Asus press events in Milano, München and Paris. Three countries in six days is a rather tough deal and there is hardly any minute left to enjoy my “Tour d’Europe” – I must admit that I still enjoy the “jet set” lifestyle, quite a bit…

JDLI Magazine

Posted on Oct 8, 2004 in Media

French JDLI Magazine’s article “Asus: Design Mode d’Emploi” gives the summary of an interview around Asus Design’s product development process.

JDLI – Asus: Design Mode d’Emploi