Großes Finale

Posted on Nov 19, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The article “Großes Finale” in the Design Report magazine talks about the 2001 Braun Prize Finals in Kronberg.

Design Report – Großes Finale

Am Rande der Realität

Posted on Nov 18, 2001 in Industrial Design, Media

The article “Am Rande der Realität” is published in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, informing about the results of the 2001 Braun Prize.

FAZ – Am Rande der Realität

BraunPrize Exhibition in Berlin

Posted on Oct 1, 2001 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The “Sports Plane” design study “flies” with the Braun Prize Exhibition to the Berlin International Design Centre.

Braun Prize for the Sports Plane

Posted on Sep 16, 2001 in Awards, Industrial Design

Frank Heisig‘s and my Sports Plane design concept land (pun intended) among the five finalists at the Braun Prize in Kronberg, Germany.

Unfortunately for me, Frank is presenting the concept all by himself, as I have left Germany and the European continent for Taiwan

Tractor Design Study wins Design Prize Neunkirchen

Posted on Mar 12, 1999 in Awards, Industrial Design

My very first design award… and I am sharing it with the most talented designer couple I have ever met – Bérénice & Marc Lorenzen!

We were awarded the Design Prize Neunkirchen for our design study of a tractor.