Eco Design Exhibition

Posted on Apr 26, 2003 in Education, Exhibitions, Speaking

I organized an exhibition based on a series of Eco Design Workshops that I held at Chang Gung University.

My students showed results of our workshops with Eleanor-Jayne Browne and the exhibition in a small Taipei City café attracted a good amount of design professionals… I hope the students enjoyed the workshop and the little show as much as I did!

Braun Prize Exhibition in London

Posted on Jul 25, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The Braun Prize Exhibition concludes at the Royal College of Art in London.

Lecture at Yodex

Posted on May 8, 2002 in Education, Exhibitions, Industrial Design, Speaking

I gave a Lecture about Verner Panton at the Chang Gung University‘s Design Symposium ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ that is being held during the Young Designers Exhibition at Taipei’s World Trade Centre.

I thought it was great to be there and hope that the students enjoyed my little talk!

Braun Prize Exhibition in Budapest

Posted on Feb 12, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The design study “Sports Plane” arrives with the Braun Prize Exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts.

Braun Prize Exhibition at Frankfurt MAK

Posted on Nov 25, 2001 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design, Media

The Braun Prize Exhibition arrives at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.

BraunPrize Exhibition in Berlin

Posted on Oct 1, 2001 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The “Sports Plane” design study “flies” with the Braun Prize Exhibition to the Berlin International Design Centre.