Asus Design Team Photo

Posted on Sep 28, 2005 in Career

Our Asus Design team has now officially grown to 40+ industrial designers, visual designers and researchers – most of them are in the above photo, which is going to be one for the ages!

Sabbatical in China

Posted on Jun 30, 2005 in Career, Travel

After four years on the little island in the South China Sea, I have been taking the past two months off – unpaid, I might add – in order to improve my Mandarin Chinese a bit and also to explore China.

I traveled from Shanghai to Hangzhou and Suzhou, then spent two weeks  in and around Beijing and had a brief stopover in Macao before returning to Taipei and resuming my work at Asus.

The trip has been absolutely terrific and I had organized Chinese lessons for myself in every city, so that I continuously met fellow students and travelers and had the greatest time!

New Office Space

Posted on Dec 6, 2004 in Career

We have just moved into our new office space… and it is awesome! And as for team members, we have crossed the 30-designers-mark and the new space is filled with energy!

Asus Design Growth

Posted on May 29, 2004 in Career

The Asus Design team has been steadily growing and we now have a group of 25 designers… up from just six when I arrived! With it comes more responsibility for me (I have just been promoted into a Design Manager position) and lots of team-building events… 😉

Also, there are a few more Europeans at Asus Design now!

My Commute

Posted on Sep 3, 2003 in Career, Travel

Well, this is not a really design-related entry per se, but for the past few months I have been enjoying my bicycle commute quite a bit and thought I’d share some impressions of it here. Check out the above time-lapse video that I composed from a few dozen of shots, taken with my tiny Canon Ixus, that I had duct-taped to my bike’s handle-bar.
My commute’s a mere 5km from my home on Min Zu Road in Zhu Wei(竹圍,民族路)to the office on Li Te Road in Bei Tou(北投,立德路)but I am taking a small back road that takes me up on a hill and through Taipei’s Fine Arts University(台北藝術大學)which offers great views over the Taipei Basin…
Considering that it’s close to 30ºC at 7:30am these days, a shower is definitely necessary after arriving in the office, but the ride is a great way to start the day and helps to focus on the big picture!


Posted on May 30, 2003 in Career

The entire department has an outing in Miao Li and for sure there’s lots of barbequeing, eating, drinking and chatting… but apart from that, we also manage to get some work done and plan for the year ahead with our small, but fast-growing, team!

A New Challenge

Posted on Nov 1, 2002 in Career

I have accepted a job offer from Asus Design in Taipei. The team is small – I am the sixth designer in the department – but has big plans of which I can only hope to become an integral part of. I am looking forward to the challenge…

再見, GE/Fitch

Posted on Oct 27, 2002 in Career

After a little over one and a half crazy busy years, around a dozen projects, after learning about culture, life and work in Taiwan, and most importantly after making some very good friends, it is time for me to move on to a new professional challenge.

I will stay close by and hope to still see all of you every once in a while, and I am saying goodbye with some good, home-cooked German food… Mahlzeit!


Posted on Jun 1, 2002 in Career

GE/Fitch has moved into our new office in Neihu, Taipei City. Even though some of the furniture is not yet unpacked, I think the space is pretty awesome and I feel a little bit like working in a space ship…

台灣到了: GE/Fitch Taiwan

Posted on Mar 12, 2001 in Career

After about two years at Barski Design in Frankfurt, I decided to leave the studio, my home country and the European continent.

I have accepted a position with the design firm GE/Fitch in Taipei, Taiwan and have not only to adjust to a new work environment, but also to a culture and language that is entirely foreign to me… this is going to be fun… or really scary… or maybe a bit of both.