At Macef

Posted on Feb 13, 2003 in Research, Trade Shows, Trends

I am conducting a research study around trends in consumer goods at the Macef trade show in Milano and have a day or two to explore the city a little bit… I haven’t visited in quite a while and forgot how wonderful Milano can be, most importantly, it’s food!

Taiwan Design Award Ceremony

Posted on Nov 18, 2002 in Conferences

Pretty sweet… not even three weeks into my job at Asus, and I am attending the award ceremony for the Taiwan Good Design Award.

A New Challenge

Posted on Nov 1, 2002 in Career

I have accepted a job offer from Asus Design in Taipei. The team is small – I am the sixth designer in the department – but has big plans of which I can only hope to become an integral part of. I am looking forward to the challenge…

再見, GE/Fitch

Posted on Oct 27, 2002 in Career

After a little over one and a half crazy busy years, around a dozen projects, after learning about culture, life and work in Taiwan, and most importantly after making some very good friends, it is time for me to move on to a new professional challenge.

I will stay close by and hope to still see all of you every once in a while, and I am saying goodbye with some good, home-cooked German food… Mahlzeit!

Eco Design Workshops at CGU

Posted on Oct 18, 2002 in Education, Industrial Design

Eleanor-Jayne Browne has asked me to help out a bit at Chang Gung University in Linkou. Over the course of six weeks, I am holding multiple workshops with third year students around the topic of Eco Design and I am planning to present the results in a small exhibition.

Braun Prize Exhibition in London

Posted on Jul 25, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The Braun Prize Exhibition concludes at the Royal College of Art in London.


Posted on Jun 1, 2002 in Career

GE/Fitch has moved into our new office in Neihu, Taipei City. Even though some of the furniture is not yet unpacked, I think the space is pretty awesome and I feel a little bit like working in a space ship…

Lecture at Yodex

Posted on May 8, 2002 in Education, Exhibitions, Industrial Design, Speaking

I gave a Lecture about Verner Panton at the Chang Gung University‘s Design Symposium ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ that is being held during the Young Designers Exhibition at Taipei’s World Trade Centre.

I thought it was great to be there and hope that the students enjoyed my little talk!

Braun Prize Exhibition in Budapest

Posted on Feb 12, 2002 in Exhibitions, Industrial Design

The design study “Sports Plane” arrives with the Braun Prize Exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts.

Design Magazine

Posted on Jan 10, 2002 in Industrial Design, Media

The Taiwan “Design” magazine has published an article around the 2001 Braun Prize.

Design – Winners Of The Braun Prize 2001 Announced