Biking To Work

Posted on Apr 21, 2015 in Career, Travel

It’s Bike Month Challenge again soon, and while I’ll be missing the first couple of days of biking in May, I’m excited about my summer commute, even though it’s gotten quite a bit longer with our office moving into Seattle’s Pioneer Square District.
My new commute is a bit over 12km (7.6 miles) and shows the gritty side of Seattle, even though it starts in middle-class Ballard. From there, I am crossing Lake Washington Ship Canal via busy Ballard Bridge and pass by the industrial Balmer Rail Yard. I am then entering may favorite part, Elliot Bay Trail, which takes me along Seattle’s waterfront and past Olympic Sculpture Park into the gigantic construction site, that is the Pioneer Square District.
Check out the above hyperlapse and compare this to my commute through Taipei’s northernmost district Beitou 12 years ago

So, what do you think?