Asus International Design Internship Program

Posted on Sep 8, 2005 in Education

Inspired by findings during my trip in Japan and the Electrolux Design Lab I am currently initiating and planning an Asus International Design Internship Program, that will bring several international design students or recent graduates to Taipei City for a six month period, during which they will work with the Asus Design Team.

Asus’s main goals for this internship program are:

  • to give back to the design community by helping to train young designers.
  • to get a fresh view and bold ideas from a new generation of designers.

I am proud to announce that I have gotten the go-ahead from Asus’s VP, that we have secured the necessary budget and resources, and that I have now begun more detailed planning and recruiting efforts.

This is going to be good… stay tuned!

So, what do you think?