Introducing: The Asus Design Lab

Posted on Feb 12, 2006 in Education

A few months ago, I was pretty excited to speak about the Asus International Design Internship Program that I had conjured up…

A lot has happened since then – I drafted the program’s outline, identified the types of team members that we wanted to bring on board, drafted the Coroflot job posting and evaluated over 140 applications for the three positions that we were trying to fill.

I also made arrangements for compensation, benefits, travel and housing during our interns’ stay with Asus. AIESEC proved to be an invaluable partner, especially when it came to acquiring six-month-student-visas…

And two weeks ago, Paxton Chou, Andres Oyaga-Loewy, and Tom Risser arrived at Asus Design and began working on a few products targeted for mass-manufacturing, and a design study.

Last but not least, I also gave my project a name: The Asus Design Lab… and I am so looking forward to seeing how this thing is going to shape up!

So, what do you think?