Asus Design Lab, Year 2

Posted on Aug 4, 2007 in Education

It is nearly two years ago, that I first talked about an International Design Internship Program at Asus and just like that, two terms of the program have come and gone.

After I had polished out the organizational bumps in the first installment (visas, travel arrangements, etc.) of the “lab”, setting up the program for a second year in a row felt a lot smoother. This time around, we had changed the approach slightly, to enable more of an “intermingling” between our staff designers and our interns and to give “labbers” more exposure to “real life product design”. The overarching structure however had proved to be successful and remained largely the same.

The class of 2007 of the Asus Design Lab was at least as good as last year’s team that worked on the Asus Power design study and helped tremendously with the design of the Asus TLL 37 television set.

The 2007 Asus Design Lab has just concluded last week and the three participants Chia-En (Taiwan), Christoph (Germany), and James (U.S.) have left. Next to Green Asus, we worked on one other design study, dubbed “Asus Toys”, that approached consumer electronics products from a more playful angle… I haven’t gotten around to adding it to the portfolio section of the site yet, but please feel free to check out the few images in the above slideshow.

So what is next for the Asus Design Lab? Spending a large part of my time on the program for the past two years, I am now ready to hand it off to a fresh mind that will hopefully help to grow the lab and make it more valuable to Asus by bringing in some new ideas!

So, what do you think?