I learned my most valuable lesson about design from the 65 year old cook of a Taipei roadside noodle stall on a Sunday morning at 3 am.

Hi, I am Markus Wierzoch.

I am a Design Executive. I build teams and guide them in the creation of thoughtful and meaningful human-centered experiences. I believe that my work leads to positive outcomes for people, business, and society as a whole.

The tools my teams and I use are mainly found within the practices of industrial design, interaction design, and design strategy.

I possess intercultural work experience on three continents, as well as a proven track record of award-winning mass-manufactured products and leading edge design studies. I pride myself on the ability to never lose track of the big picture, while being able to keep an eye on the tiniest of details.

Designer by day, I have many hobbies when I’m away from work. I love both the outdoors and modern day urban life, I adore classic Porsches and well-designed bicycles, I like basketball, as well as soccer, and I have yet to decide what I love more – photography or just cameras.

Postindustrialdesigner.com is the platform where I showcase my work, attempt to document my career in the field of design, where I share my thoughts and opinions, and where I hope to connect with you, dear reader.

So, thanks for visiting.

Markus Wierzoch – Glimpses