I am a Design Executive. I build teams and guide them in the creation of thoughtful and meaningful human-centered experiences. I believe that my work leads to positive outcomes for people, business, and society as a whole.

  • Industrial Design

    Industrial Design

    Creating physical artifacts is my background, my vim, and my vigor: Under the framework of “context, clarity, twist, and details”, I conceive and develop concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the benefit of both user and manufacturer.

  • Interaction Design

    Interaction Design

    When designing interactive products, systems, and services, I strive to satisfy the needs and desires of the customer through the form that an interaction assumes. My main focus however lies beyond form and function: I aim to identify how the product can best integrate into existing behaviors and how it can shape new, preferable ones.

  • Design Strategy

    Design Strategy

    By connecting design efforts to an organization’s business strategy, I facilitate the integration of design as a fundamental aspect of strategic brand intent. Using research to inform strategic planning, I help firms to define how to innovate contextually, to determine what to do next, and to identify why to do it.

  • The Lytro Illum looks like something out of a museum or a designer piece from a Parisian fashion house. It’s a sleek and stylish thing, with a unibody magnesium chassis that’s attached to a gorgeous anodized aluminum lens barrel.

    - Nicole Lee, Engadget
  • Intel Shows the Awesome Laptop You’ll Be Using Next Year!

    - Jeff Blagdon, The Verge
  • There’s something really contemporary and even beautiful about the way this provocative “concept camera” is packaged and rolled out.

    - Bruce Sterling, Wired
  • If you are a frequent traveller, then you are going to love this idea.

    - Aron Bryant, Helablog
  • [Intel’s Tangent Bay is] a nice juicy insight of what type of products might be around the corner.

    - Danny Allen, Gizmodo

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